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Bear Beauty Botanicals


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Yassss Bear-stie!

Save 15% with our 'Bear-stie Bundle' which is our whole collection of super cute, low waste & plastic free bathroom accessories!

This bundle includes the following products..

  • Bear Pads- Organic Bamboo Cotton Make-up pads- for quick & easy make-up removal.
  • Bear Buds- Reusable silicone Q-tips- to clean up any make-up mishaps & cleaning outer ears.
  • Bear Buff- Cherry Blossom infused konjac sponge- to gently exfoliate & rejuvenate dull & tired skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Bear-stie for life!

I have absolutely fallen in love with this brand! Not only are the products the cutest, high quality and sustainable beauty accessories, the founder is amazing and such a positive figure! If you're wanting to switch up your beauty routine, i cant recommend this brand enough!

Heather Dower


katie Tomkies
I love your products and the best part is that not only are they fantastic products but they are ...

Great high quality products that save you money in the long run, work better than the product we all used to use and they help combat waste and landfill issues for our planet 🌎

Stephen Bryant

I LOVE MY BEAR STIE BUNDLE. ITS SO REFRESHING TO FIND PRODUCTS THAT ARE SUSTAINABLE AND ECO FRIENDLY. I LOVE THE BEAR THEME , IT'S UNIQUE AND EYE CATCHING. ALSO, PINK IS MY FAVOURITE COLOUR! THE BEAR PADS ARE GREAT FOR REMOVING MAKE UP. I ESPECIALLY LIKE THE BLACK ONE FOR REMOVING MASCARA. the bamboo case is fantastic for storing the bear buds. they are fit for purpose and attractive. the bear buff sponge has worked wonders for my skin. i have my glow back. thank you bear beauty botanicals.

Kayleigh Jackson
Absolutely love

This set is amazing I absolutely love it and the materials are so soft, everything you need to clean and cleanse your face at the end of the day, the reusable bear shaped pads are fantastic and come with a bag to wash them in which is super handy 1000% recommend